Recommendation Summary

The following is a summary of the recommendations I've received on LinkedIn.  The full recommendations can be reached right here.

Greg Pacholski, CEO at Heureka Software, Former CEO at Albridge

“. . . George combines his strategic technical capabilities, managerial expertise and his intellectual curiosity to solve problems and create technical solutions that work. George has hands on experience organizing diverse teams located across continents. George motivates individual contributors and team oriented staff to be productive and grow individually.”

Nick Sippl, Retired, Former CIO at Albridge

“. . . He was my first hire when I joined the firm and I can safely say this was one of the best decisions of my career. George is an excellent leader and has an uncanny ability to motivate, grow and develop people. He was crucial in growing the business through both his technical vision and his leadership in building partnerships between IT disciplines and business segments."

Scott Puma, CFO at Visible Alpha, Former CFO at Compliance Science

"...A born leader/manger, George was respected at all levels of the organization. Would recommend him highly."

Ajay Gupta, President and CEO at CLCD, Former Sr. Director at Albridge

“. . . He is a great mentor and is able to convey tough messages and coaching with great understanding. When I was “coached”, I appreciated the guidance I was being given and was better for it.  Over the following years, I came to appreciate George for the way he managed and especially the long-term vision he brought to bear.”

Andy Brown, MBA, SVP Product Management at Service Channel, PMO Starpoint

“George is a tremendous architect and technologist, but is also a savvy executive. He is a firm believer in process and also knows how to get things done.”

Kevin Little, Principal Architect at Teradata

“George developed a very thorough and detailed enterprise analytic architecture recommendation for a Teradata customer. The architecture included all aspects of the customer's analytic environment. The customer continues to use this document as the blueprint for their analytic environment.”

Tom Sullivan, VP and Head of Product at Sparta Systems, Product at Albridge

“. . . George played a significant role in helping the organization grow into the market leader that it is today. George was a trusted partner who worked closely with his colleagues to ensure that technology’s goals were always aligned with those of the business. While at Albridge, George did an outstanding job building, managing and leading a highly motivated team . . .”

John Lee, VP Software Development at BillTrust, former Albridge Dev Manager

“. . . George is a natural leader who demonstrated his capabilities in bringing business and technology together as Albridge evolved from a venture backed company to a subsidiary of PNC, and then later Pershing.”